Chronicling Lexi
13 months old
Lexi is plowing her way into toddlerhood, speed walking everywhere and getting mighty close to running. She is still the kissiest baby ever and will kiss and hug spontaneously and whenever asked. Covering her with kisses is also the best way to get her to become docile and cooperative (like when she is being put to bed.) She's saying quite a bit, but she has a very quiet voice and it takes me a while to notice, and I'm always doubtful until I hear it the third of fourth time. She's definitely picked up "yes" and "no." She went to get a book off of the bookshelf yesterday and I said firmly, "Lexi" and she clearly said (with appropriate finger shaking) "no-no" which cracked me up. She likes to try to get dressed and horsing around and following Kate and babies and music and people. She's a fun kid.
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Lexi, the eater
Lexi loves Mexican, pasta, cheese sticks, yogurt, bananas, bread and Os.

Must get some veggies other than basil into that child ;o)
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Lexi has been taking steps for quite a while, but she woke up Tuesday morning and decided she was a biped. She hasn't crawled very much in days. Her stiff-legged little walk, awkward but steady, is remarkable to watch. Children grow up so quickly. Hold on to every day before the stages blow away, to return only in vague remembrances.
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Pictures from Lexi's First Birthday (Part 1)
Eating Pizza

Pizza is yummy!

Surveying the Presents

"Is this what I think it is?"
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Pictures from Lexi's First Birthday (Part 2)
"It's a doll!"

"I'm really, really excited!"

"And a drum, too!"
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Pictures from Lexi's First Birthday (Part 3)
The Cakes (Lexi's on the left)

Excitement builds

"I think I am going to like Carrot-Raisin-Applesauce Cake"

"Yep, it's a winner!"

"I love cake!"

"I'm really upset I couldn't keep eating until it was all gone!"
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