Chronicling Lexi

She's on antibiotics now, too. We're hoping to avoid steroids.
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An Icky First
Lexi has her first bad virus. The mild cough has gotten a lot worse. We had a well-visit yesterday anyway (will post her stats sometime soon) and the doctor was very concerned listening to her. Praise God, the nasal swab test for RSV came back negative, so at least its not that. Our pediatrician (who I will really miss) is very hesitant to start little ones on antibiotics, so she sent us home with a loaner nebulizer and we have to give Lexi treatments every six hours. She looks awfully pathetic with the mask on. Please pray she gets well quickly.
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4 months old
Lexi is the friendliest baby on the block, and shares a smile with everyone she encounters. She loves to face out in the pouch, one hand gripping the rail, looking bright-eyed at the world. She has fantastic hands. Hands that love to hold a finger, a toy, her soft blanket. Some days it seems she is always holding something, if there is no object to be held she holds on to her own hands, clasping them together.

She has her first cough. It is very mild, to be honest, probably due to exclusive breastfeeding and a healthy immune system. But it startled her, confused her, caused her to cling to me. What is this phenomenon? Why can't I stop myself? But as the day progressed, she became resigned to it. "I have done this," she thought, "and I am still doing okay. Mom is right here."

Mom is always there. Lexi comes on our dates, sits on our laps through church and bible study, perches atop the table as we eat. A handful of times I have slipped out and left her in the care of her able father for a few brief minutes of solitude, occasionally he has walked her around the block while I finished dinner, but our seperations are momentary at best. We like it that way.
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Photo Love
New photos are in Lexi's album.
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Smiley Baby
Lexi smiles constantly, at everyone who pays attention to her. Honestly, she is the happiest little girl I have ever met and it's incredibly endearing. She also laughs anytime someone makes a goofy face or laughs at her. She is just so irresistible!
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Just like her Daddy

No flash, no correcting, just showing her blue eyes.
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Haikus inspired by Lexi
Lexi's cradle cap
stares up from her pretty head
mother should bathe her

rubbing and rinsing
baking soda, olive oil
goodbye cradle cap
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