Chronicling Lexi
Baby Registry
I really like, it's convenient to be able to add things with pictures from a whole host of sites and have it show up on ONE list. Here's my registry for Lexi so far.
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She's a Girl!

Kathryn Lilia and her parents are pleased to announce that her in utero sibling is a girl named Alexine Antoinette, which are both family names. Lexi is expected to make her debut this Christmas season (or in the very last part of Advent if we're lucky.)
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I'm 19.5 weeks along now. I kicked the Zofran habit a month ago (praise God!) and have been feeling much better, though still pretty tired. I started feeling the baby move at week 15 and now Mike can feel the baby too, so that's fun. The 20 week ultrasound is this Thursday. Is it a boy or a girl? We're peekers (well, planners) so we're going to find out if he or she cooperates. The majority of commenters were wrong last time around, but y'all can guess again and see if you're right this time around :o)

We really enjoyed keeping Kate's name a secret until her birth, but we also enjoyed praying for her and talking to her by name and we don't want to be secretive around our children in family worship, etc. now or in the future, so we'll reveal the name when we find out the sex.

So, boy or girl?
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