Chronicling Lexi
1 year old!
Lexi is one year old today. She's a really happy baby who makes happy squeaky noises all day long and loves to play musical instruments and follow her big sister around. She is adding more words and sounds all the time and has taken to signing this month, signing "please" "thank you" "more" "all done" "food" and "milk" with proficiency. She gets so excited to combine and use them, giggling as she goes. She is taking more steps but certainly not a biped at this point. She had a great birthday and really enjoyed her cake. She actually threw the biggest fit of her short life when I tried to take away the tray after half-an-hour or so. Pictures of the festivities are sure to come. Lexi is the cuddliest baby and loves to kiss and hug and just hold me, she blows kisses to those she likes and is just an all around sweetheart. We are so blessed to be her parents.
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Short Stuff
Lexi is so much shorter than all her friends of the same age, it's hilarious to see her playing with them. She's so little!

She took her first step on Friday, she was standing, took a step forward and kept her balance. Kate and I were cheering for her!

Lexi has never played with baby toys much. She plays with Kate and plays with what she does, she's been fond of musical instruments and cars for quite some time, and she loves books but she doesn't play by herself often at all. So it took me by surprise to see her crawl over and find a doll last week, cradle it in her arms and give it a kiss.
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Crisp December Afternoon

Photos by the lovely and talented Brooke Jared.
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