Chronicling Lexi
Lexi Found Jesus
Lexi has gotten really into praying. She is happy to wait and pray at mealtimes and she HAS to pray at naptime and night. "Please PRAY! Let's PRAY!" It's really sweet. She also has to have the last "amen," always.
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Running, Shouting, Exhuberant Lexi
Lexi sparkles and dances through life. She knows hundreds of words, is super expressive and charming, and is an elfin shadow to her sister. If she is playing princesses, Lexi must be a princess. If she has a dog, Lexi ought to also. She is still extremely cuddly and easy to please with funny faces. Her hair is growing slowly, but surely. She's shoe obsessed and has taken a fancy to Kate's silver crocs, preferring them to her pink ones if we are home.
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