Chronicling Lexi
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I was talking to a friend Monday who has three small children (all under 3 years old.) She asked me how Lexi was doing and what she was up to. I told her how sweet and friendly she is and how she blows raspberries all day long. Then I told her she was very strong and admitted that I rarely put her down for tummy time since her muscle tone is fine without it and certainly hadn't done so in well over a week. I declared that I cared so little about milestones I haven't tried, but I bet if I set her down on her tummy, she'd roll right over. I got off the phone, set Lexi on her tummy and she rolled from stomach to back in less than 90 seconds. So, Lexi, someday when you are reading this, know that you rolled over for the first time at 13.5 weeks, hindered by the lack of interest your mother had in that pursuit. With Kate, I had less to do and spent time on the floor with her, encouraging her. Lexi gets so much less of my undivided attention, but when she does, we have a great time just enjoying each other.

photo today, during Kate's nap
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3 months old!
Lexi is such an interactive baby. She always engages strangers and gives them a smile. She giggles at her sister. She's very strong, always standing and holding her head up well. She likes her paci, but tries to suck her hand at times and I wonder if she'll start sucking her thumb or fingers. She's really cuddly, with both people and the blanket I knit her and sissy's playsilks.

She's also a cloth diaper diva:

Her current fitteds stash (well, most of them):
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Cracks her up
I brought Lexi with me to a book discussion last night -- she goes where I go! -- and this one woman sitting next to me started talking very passionately about how much she liked the book because it broadened her horizons (yada, yada.) Lexi looked up at her and started cracking up. She looked right at her and belly laughed for a full minute. PRICELESS!
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No Tummy Time
Lexi is not a huge fan of tummy time, but she has still developed excellent head control and has been facing out in the kangaroo carry in slings and pouches for over a week sucessfully. She tries to walk when we hold her up and pushes herself in a modified army-crawl when I do make her hang out on her tummy. I think she's developing fine without it.
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Photo Love
Lexi is just a textbook smiling, cooing, giggling baby. Her facial expressions are of course 100x better in person and she already has a large adoring public.

I would really like her to figure out how to suck her thumb or fingers. She's working on it.

More pictures here.
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