Chronicling Lexi
Attack of the Yeastie Beasties
Lexi has a yeast diaper rash (ouch!) and thrush (ouch for mama!) and looks like a purple people eater. On the plus side, she attended her first concert (Andrew Peterson) and dressed up like a lion for the faculty-student basketball game at Daddy's school. Please pray for the yeastie beasties to leave and stay away!
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2 month old!
Lexi is two months old today. She's cuddling in my lap as I write this post about her and I love touching her soft skin and smelling her sweet baby head. She loves to stand and lifts her whole torso up while I lay her on her tummy. I guess she is poised to be an early crawler like her sister. She is a charming baby, quick to smile, a good eater and sleeper. She seems to always have the hiccups, but they don't bother her much. I would describe her as a laid-back baby, and I wonder if she'll stay that way as she grows older.
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Lexi Update
So, Alexine Antoinette, child of the covenant, was baptized on the 19th. We threw a small "Welcome to the Family" party in her honor. And there are new pictures here. Only sixteen pictures come up on the page, so don't forget to navigate to the next one!
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She giggled!
Yesterday, Lexi giggled at her daddy. I heard it myself. She is such a pleasant, easy baby...
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Lexi had another doctor's appointment yesterday at precisely eight weeks old. She remains in the 25th percentile in everything: 9 lbs, 10 ounces and 21.75 inches long.
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The Squeaky Wheel May Get the Grease...
We're getting more and more back into our routine, and househunting, etc. makes life quite busy. Because Lexi is usually quite easy, I often leave her in the swing, etc. for way too long while I do laundry, get Kate ready, get myself ready, etc. On those days when I'm rushing around, I leave myself a little "top off Lexi" window where I nurse her quickly before rushing out the door. It hasn't failed this week that each and every time I have tried to do that, Lexi hasn't cooperated. She's decided to spend the first five minutes cooing, smiling and being the most adorable baby on the face of the planet while refusing to nurse. The squeaky wheel may get the grease, but the charming baby gets her love and eye contact even in the midst of a busy day. When I've satisfactorily returned her coos and grins, she does get down to business!
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Capturing a Smile
Lexi has the widest, most infectious baby grin. We had several smile fests this weekend. She's an open mouth smiler and seems to take the whole room in between her upturned lips. Kate, possessing dimples, always desired to use them and smiled with her mouth much more closed. I am capturing dozens of Lexi smiles in my heart, but not being so successful with my camera. Here are a few near misses:

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It's for you!

There's a bunch of new pictures of Lexi making faces in her album!
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