Chronicling Lexi
Just One of the Girls OR Lexi's New Nickname
Mike had some work to do so I brought Lexi with me to a women's brunch at the home of another member of our church and she was so cute. She sat on a stool while everyone ate and was quiet and ate, she played with a baby doll, she let all the women love on her, etc. After the first hour, she REALLY warmed up and realized she was the entertainment. She showed them how she can become pregnant over and over. She gave kisses. She realized she was wearing the Hanna playdress which is so much fun to take off... and she earned the nickname "the Lexhibitionist." Four of the single girls that looked out for her were sitting in a row at church and when we went up for communion tonight she saw them all and loudly said "HEY!" just like grown-up girls do. She earned some serious smiles. I think she is well on her way to being the most-known member of our family at church. Every week at nursery they hand her back with stories of her charm and antics. During the time she is in the service she yells "amen!" a second after everyone else does, earning several "awwws!" I love that nut.
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