Chronicling Lexi
17 months
Lexi is getting so toddler-like. She is just starting to hit disequilibrium, which is a bit of a challenge, but she's still cuddly and cute and FUN. This month she really enjoyed reading Teeth are Not For Biting and loved to say "Ouch!" in an adorable voice whenever the book got to that word. She loves to dance, and will twirl herself to a dizzy fall. She went to her first Kindermusik class last week and enjoyed that very much. She loves to talk on the phone, and resorts to gibberish, which she doesn't use much otherwise. She's still very much momma's girl, and I don't mind, for now.
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Dip! Or, how Lexi has learned to use words
I am ever impressed by Lexi's vocabulary and recall. Today she was throwing a small fit in the high chair saying "I wan(t) I wan(t)!" I walked over and said, "Use your words, Lexi, what do you need?" And she replied clear as day, "DIP!" with a dipping hand motion. A dollop of ranch and all was well.
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At the Playground
Scrunchy Face
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Being a second child, I hardly ever sit down to teach Lexi ANYTHING, she picks everything up watching her sister. I started to ask Kate the catechism questions yesterday and Lexi piped up after I asked "Who made you?" with "GOD!" before Kate did! We keep asking her, and she definitely knows it. She also knows many of the numbers between 1 and 10, the first line of half a dozen songs, etc. all from listening. This type of parenting is easy!
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