Chronicling Lexi
Lexi HATES being immersed in water. Splash her gently and it's no big deal, dunk her in the tub and you've declared war. She's never ever liked getting a bath. From the second she was born she wanted OUT of the tub. The midwife described her as "irritated." Most babies love waterbirths! Anyhow, I just wanted to record this for the future...
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5 months old
Lexi is 5 months old today. She weighs a whopping 13 pounds, 8 ounces and got her very first vaccinations to commemorate 5 months by. She barely whimpered after her two shots, what a trooper! She's spending time every day hopping in her jumpster and can tripod sit for 10 20 seconds or so when placed into position [5/23 edit: I know I tend to underestimate these things, so I timed her this morning.] She's definitely teething and likes to gum things -- I caught her one day last week with six fingers in her mouth, chomping away! She tells all sorts of "stories" and makes a lot of "hah" and "yah" sounds. She always likes to be holding something -- my hand, the rail of the sling, a toy or a blanket are favorites, but when all else fails, she'll grab her feet. We're all so charmed by our smiley girl.
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Lexi's Laughs
The last few weeks I've noticed that Lexi has several distinct laughs. She has a sweet little girly giggle for when people smile at her. She has a fuller laugh for when one is playing with and laughing with her. And then she has this amazing belly laugh for when Daddy tickles her. She laughs quite frequently.
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A lover of life

Lexi continues to be the most pleasant and cheerful of babies. Some days she spends literally hours and hours blowing raspberries and cooing. She loves to chit-chat with the baby in the mirror and giggles at her daddy's tickles and her big sister's antics. She's starting to spend more time in the doorway jumper, tap-dancing around and starting to hop when Kate is not pushing her back and forth as if it were a swing. She enjoys the simple life: a dozen square meals a day and people to smile at while curled up in her pouch. Her official 4 month well visit stats (from 4/24) are 12 lbs. 6 oz. and 23.5 inches, so she's petite but proportional.
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Lexi really likes the view from her bumbo (pictured below) as it floats around following the family action. I like it because it doesn't vibrate, play tinny music or anything else. It's just a foam seat to help her sit up and see. Who doesn't like to see? We bought it with Target gift card money and will likely sell it as soon as she's done with it (minimizing our baby stuff stash) but I'd buy another for future children.
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