Chronicling Lexi
Lexi, the clued in one
Lexi knows good food when she sees it and she gets really upset if she can't have any. Kate was clueless about sweets. Lexi KNOWS. It cracks me up when Lexi notices us eating something naughty before Kate does!
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Nine Months Old
As much as I'd like to pause her development, Lexi keeps growing up. She's cruising everywhere and crawling up steps and getting everywhere. She loves feeding herself, though she is very messy. Veggie Booty was a big favorite this month. She waves well, gives high fives, claps for herself and others at appropriate times and has even been known to blow kisses. She's trying hard to say things and imitates us, but only really says "Hi" "Buh-bye" "Mom/Mama" and "Dada." Her raspy voice remains, prompting speculation by a college friend recently that she may be the next Norah Jones. She wore shoes for the first time this week since the little white booties she wore at her baptism and she was fascinated by them. They were Robeez, so a little tugging by the curious one did not pull them off. Her eyes still sparkle with blue and her hair is still pretty lacking. She's a flirt in public, especially in the sling. She loves it to hear her sister and I sing and perks up when we sing about her. I can't believe she's 3/4 of the way to a year old!
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Her perch
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Road Trip Buddy
Lexi was my road trip buddy this weekend. We headed up to North Carolina to a memorial service and she was very charming and a good traveller. She's getting to be so much fun -- waving and interacting, giving fives, trying to get my attention while I eat, sitting on my lap and eating off her own plate... I wish I could pause her growing and keep her just this size!
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Lexi is the proud possessor of two teeth -- one popped through on Mom's birthday (9/5) and the other the very next day. She loves to have them pushed on and it will be a long time before they are photographable!
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