Chronicling Lexi
Baby Body Builder?
Lexi has wowed me with her strength from birth. She holds her head up for a LONG time. She has always been able to bear weight on her legs for even a minute or more and often STANDS in the sling, leaning against me. At small group Wednesday, she was laying cradled in one woman's arms, reached out to grab the fingers of her husband and attempted to pull herself up. What's up with that?
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Pictures, etc.
Lexi is a smiling five week old now. Here are some pictures from Tuesday:

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1 Month Old Today
Lexi is one month old today! She really is a sweet baby. Afflicted with reflux but still pretty upbeat. It makes me sad that I can count on one hand the number of times she's been visibly "milk-drunk," but she's a trooper. She's very alert when awake, always looking intently at things and she loves those developmental black and white pictures. She's also very patient with her big sister and her eagerness to show Lexi love. She's so cuddly and I am enjoying these newborn moments while I can.
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baby parts

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Little Lexi Updates
I finished Lexi's birth announcement, hurrah!

About 3 or 4 days ago, I was talking to her and playing with her and got her to mimic me sticking my tongue out by sticking it out slowly three or four times, and then she did it with me! So fun. She's such a sweet baby girl.
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The stats
At 3.5 weeks, Lexi is now 20.5" long and weighs 8 pounds, 4 ounces. Other than being relux-y, she's doing great!
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Since "Lexi" isn't nickname enough for one small girl, here's what else we call our Alexine:

Lex: Everyone needs a one syllable nickname. Except for me, I loathe being called Kris. We think it's cute, though Aunt Janelle says it reminds her of Superman's nemesis.

Lexapro: It just came out one day when I was cooing at her and it stuck. Methinks that's because she is a cure for depression and anxiety.

I'm sure there are more to come...
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Photo Love
A few new pictures can be found here.
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Lexi is really expressive for a newborn -- she makes eye contact and makes faces, she "hugs" me when I have her on my shoulder to burp, she's just so darn cute. Everyone's always saying how perfect and doll-like she looks. She spends so much time in the sling, I notice her cuteness most when she's unphotographable! You just have to see her in person, I suppose.
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First Party
Lexi attended her first party last night -- a big Epiphany bash with a band and beer and wine and all sorts of yummy food. She slept through it in the sling, but everyone admired her just the same.
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Poor Lexi
Lexi is reflux-y. She spits up a lot and has a hard time burping and gets pained from trapped gas. :o/ Poor thing. Unfortunately, our little local health food store is out of gripe water until Friday and it's hard to do an elimination diet when people are kindly making you meals so... her relief is being carried around very upright in the sling or wrap, which she greatly appreciates.
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