Chronicling Lexi
First Three Word Sentence
First three word sentence, completely untaught:

"I want that!" (in reference to her toothbrush.)
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15 months old
Lexi is a toddler. A short one who lacks a toddler's share of hair, but a toddler nonetheless. She's into climbing. She loves to climb up on the little table in the playroom and bounce in front of the window. She's learning to climb and play at the park. She can get up stairs in a flash (always fascinating since we don't have any.) She likes to read and chase bubbles and play with Kate. She carries her babies around in a playsilk for a sling. She's using lots of words. She's still very affectionate and friendly. She LOVES to say "hey!" to our neighbors. She'll say "HEY!" and wave and grin and rinse and repeat for minutes at a time. They get a kick out of her. She gets SO excited when daddy gets home from work and runs towards him. She can recognize his car from far away and she starts to dance. She's very into dancing and singing, still. She's a little bundle of joy!
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Bird Jumper

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