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New photos in Lexi's album and the Family album.
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7 months old
Over the past month, we've been in transition as a family, but Lexi continues to press on towards toddlerhood. She's crawling really well, on all fours with her belly up at least some of the time. She can even crawl in and out of the small kiddie pool, over the inflated side! When she gets to crawl around on the floor, she attempts to pull up on things and can get herself into a kneeling position pretty easily. She's babbling "ba-ba-ba" and "da-da-da" up a storm. She likes hanging out in the sling in the hip position and smiles at everyone. She loves sitting in the kiddie pool and splashing with Kate. She's experimenting with solid foods some, attempts to grab everything off our plates, but still prefers nursing. She inconsistently returns waves and recognizes/tries to return the sign for milk. She's sitting on my lap, wanting to type to, so I'll let her finish: bg bvvvvvvvvvvvvvv m iiiiiiiii
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She's a Professional
Lexi is really crawling! Since she already could do 360s like nobody's business, adding more forward momentum means that the last few days she's been able to get wherever she wants to go.

*sigh* They grow up too fast.
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