Chronicling Lexi
14 months old
Lexi is an amazing little thing. Much shorter than her peers but motoring around with the best of them. She runs after Kate now, through the house and around the yard. She loves music. She's always trying to sing and manages to sing along pretty well just with la-ah type sounds. She dances well, sitting or standing. She loves to read, particularly Sandra Boynton, Eric Carle, the book we have with pictures of animals and all the touch and feel. She gets tickled to do things with Kate and I that make her feel like a "big girl" such as sitting on a bench between us. She got a new, pricier carseat and now she sleep EVERY car ride, which is great because she's always been pretty sleep deprived. So, I guess she'll be picky about her pillows like I am! She's obsessed with remotes and the phone, much moreso than Kate was, and I thought she was extreme. She had a bad cold this month and missed church and now she's having a hard time in the nursery again. She's definitely a more sensitive soul than Kate was at this age.
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V-Day Version

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Lexi in Pajamas
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Kid Sister
Lexi loves everything Kate does, and so she draws and colors and tries to change her clothes 253 times a day also... it's fun to watch.
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