Chronicling Lexi
Sweet Communion
Lexi is a foodie, and also someone who cannot watch other people eat without eating herself. That makes the PCA view of communion problematic for dear Lexi. She has communed a few times, by grabbing bread she can reach and also charming someone into handing her a piece. Very characteristic for our little girl. But mostly, she just cries and says, "MY bread!"

We couldn't attend church yesterday because we had a conflict in the evening and ended up visiting an Anglican church in the morning. They allowed children to commune, and we told Lexi she could have some bread. She IMMEDIATELY knew what we were talking about. I showed her how to hold her hands to receive and she was dancing and jumping and giggling with glee as she went through the line, hands together just right. When her time came, she said, "MY bread! I eat this!" and ate with delight.

I know this will only make every other Sunday harder, but it was beautiful to watch.
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