Chronicling Lexi
6 months old, a photo
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6 months old
Lexi celebrated her half-birthday today. She's so much fun. She laughs anytime her big sister pays attention to her and puts up with all sorts of toddler abuse with giddiness just because Kate is noticing her. She spends most of her time on the floor turning circles endlessly, queen of the 360s. I think she will soon have more leg-power to propel her forward but for now her spinning is quite entertaining. I love how sweet and tender she can be, showing affection with a soft touch to my face. She can sit for several minutes if she's set up right and as long as someone is paying attention to her, she's happy as a clam. She still loves the sling. I love the way she holds the rail with her hand, staking a claim to the spot.
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She's multicultural
We watched Bride and Prejudice tonight and Lexi loved it! She danced along with the music scenes and smiled. What a happy girl.
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Sleeping Beauty
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Lexi is a miserable teether like her older sister. Thank goodness for Hyland's Teething Tablets!
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Catch Up
Things that make me smile about my baby girl these days:
- How she grabs my face, pulls me in and give me big, wet kisses.
- The way she plays peek-a-boo with herself in her carseat (noticed on the drive to B'ham Memorial Day weekend).
- How serious she looks when she blows raspberries.
- How accurate her grasp is and how funny it is when she grabs things off my desk or the counter or... everywhere!
- How when she makes me smile, she always smiles back.
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Gettin' Mobile
Over the past three weeks, Lexi has been developing her army crawl. It cracks me up to see how far she can go or watch her do 360s. Being at my parents' house, it astonishes me how much she looks like the baby picture of me hanging on the wall, except for Mike's blue eyes.
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