Chronicling Lexi
8 months old
Lexi crawls with alarming speed and follows Kate, her dad and I from room to room. She loves eating her rice puffs and other things we offer her, mostly veggies and applesauce. She says "Da Da" "Mama" "Hi" and "Bye" with her very sweet but low and raspy voice. She waves. She loves to play with her big sister and cuddle together reading books. She can't stop giggling when she plays with the musical instruments (particularly the tiny wooden marachas, sticks to bang together and bells). They are by far her favorite toys. She's still a sling baby, and is just starting to move to back carries in the mei tai for longer trips. She waves her hands and giggles excitedly when she sees the sling. She's pulling up well now and I wonder how long she'll cruise before she'll take her first steps. I think they are still a few months off.
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She Feeds Herself
These pictures are from Lexi's first attempt at eating rice puffs earlier this month.

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Baby Bird?
Lexi makes the most hilarious baby bird noises for everything. Her excited-bird noise is so darn cute. She saw her daddy today when he came home and started jumping in my lap, making the excited noise. Cracked me up!
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They're not bad, if you like styrofoam
Lexi started on her first real solids today (she's been tasting stuff for about a month.) She feed herself puffed brown rice. And she enjoyed it very much.
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