Chronicling Lexi
11 months old
At the end of this month Lexi finally got in two more teeth (bringing the total to four) and is close to walking but not there yet. She's better than Kate was as a pre-walker at standing for long periods and getting herself up to standing in the middle of a room. She just lacks forward momentum! She's chattering up a storm, saying things like "nuh-nI" (night-night), "og! oof!" (dog! woof!) and "boo!" She loves reading books and kissing faces and trying out new words. Her voice is pretty soft when she's experimenting and it's so sweet. She's really good at making little indian brave noises by patting her hand to her mouth. She likes to dance. She loves to see me reach for a sling and gets all hyper. She still loves to eat and will attack pretty much anything we give her. She gives the best hugs and she's very forgiving. I can't believe she's almost ONE!
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She loves to talk and kiss
Lexi doesn't have very many words (mama, dada, hi, bye, buh-bye, sissy...) but she is already putting them together -- "hi dada!" She loves babbling and if I talk on the phone she whimpers until she gets to talk and then she is SO excited.

This morning Mike laid her in bed beside me and she woke me up gently grabbing my cheek and kissing my face.

I can already tell how different she is from Kate in some ways. She is super social whereas Kate is more independent.
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Kissy Lexi
Start here and go back to see pictures of Lexi playing with her little friend Ryan. She basically spends most of her time attempting to give him a little sugar.
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