Chronicling Lexi
Sweet Communion
Lexi is a foodie, and also someone who cannot watch other people eat without eating herself. That makes the PCA view of communion problematic for dear Lexi. She has communed a few times, by grabbing bread she can reach and also charming someone into handing her a piece. Very characteristic for our little girl. But mostly, she just cries and says, "MY bread!"

We couldn't attend church yesterday because we had a conflict in the evening and ended up visiting an Anglican church in the morning. They allowed children to commune, and we told Lexi she could have some bread. She IMMEDIATELY knew what we were talking about. I showed her how to hold her hands to receive and she was dancing and jumping and giggling with glee as she went through the line, hands together just right. When her time came, she said, "MY bread! I eat this!" and ate with delight.

I know this will only make every other Sunday harder, but it was beautiful to watch.
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She's a Very Affectionate Girl
Lexi is still the cuddliest child around, and I've noticed that she's an equal opportunity lap-warmer, as long as she knows you pretty well. She will give you a long hug and press her cheek up against yours just so and make you feel like you are someone very special.

And then she will get up and dance and run and jump and play for awhile, but she will find her way back to a lap at some point.

"I nee' a cuh-ul peas"

On that note, she is not very good at enunciating, and frequently drops the last consonant of every word. Michael says she is living up to her French name!
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Book: Hands are Not for Hitting (still) and starting to love the Nicene Creed
Food: yogurt (healthy) and "choc-it" (treat)
TV Show: Day-go (not Dora!)
Movie: 'rella
Song: "Up above the!"
Parent: Mom
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Cuddly Bear
Lexi is an affectionate child. She prefers to start each day with a good cuddle, and gives hugs and kisses very frequently, and with great emotion. The other day, she woke up and I went to get her out of her crib, and she said, completely unprompted, "I love you" with a sigh. Kate always responded to I love you with I love you, too, but I can't remember her initiating it, particularly at this young of an age.
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Puddle Jumper
Puddle 1

Puddle 4
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Things Lexi Likes
Anything Kate has
Water she can dump everywhere
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Just One of the Girls OR Lexi's New Nickname
Mike had some work to do so I brought Lexi with me to a women's brunch at the home of another member of our church and she was so cute. She sat on a stool while everyone ate and was quiet and ate, she played with a baby doll, she let all the women love on her, etc. After the first hour, she REALLY warmed up and realized she was the entertainment. She showed them how she can become pregnant over and over. She gave kisses. She realized she was wearing the Hanna playdress which is so much fun to take off... and she earned the nickname "the Lexhibitionist." Four of the single girls that looked out for her were sitting in a row at church and when we went up for communion tonight she saw them all and loudly said "HEY!" just like grown-up girls do. She earned some serious smiles. I think she is well on her way to being the most-known member of our family at church. Every week at nursery they hand her back with stories of her charm and antics. During the time she is in the service she yells "amen!" a second after everyone else does, earning several "awwws!" I love that nut.
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Lexi Found Jesus
Lexi has gotten really into praying. She is happy to wait and pray at mealtimes and she HAS to pray at naptime and night. "Please PRAY! Let's PRAY!" It's really sweet. She also has to have the last "amen," always.
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Running, Shouting, Exhuberant Lexi
Lexi sparkles and dances through life. She knows hundreds of words, is super expressive and charming, and is an elfin shadow to her sister. If she is playing princesses, Lexi must be a princess. If she has a dog, Lexi ought to also. She is still extremely cuddly and easy to please with funny faces. Her hair is growing slowly, but surely. She's shoe obsessed and has taken a fancy to Kate's silver crocs, preferring them to her pink ones if we are home.
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Overheard Lately (or, "Lexi Can Talk!")
"I wanna walk!"
"Help me, momma!"
"I pooped! Yuck!"
"There's Daddy!"
"I play drum!"
"I need wa-wa (water)!"
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17 months
Lexi is getting so toddler-like. She is just starting to hit disequilibrium, which is a bit of a challenge, but she's still cuddly and cute and FUN. This month she really enjoyed reading Teeth are Not For Biting and loved to say "Ouch!" in an adorable voice whenever the book got to that word. She loves to dance, and will twirl herself to a dizzy fall. She went to her first Kindermusik class last week and enjoyed that very much. She loves to talk on the phone, and resorts to gibberish, which she doesn't use much otherwise. She's still very much momma's girl, and I don't mind, for now.
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Dip! Or, how Lexi has learned to use words
I am ever impressed by Lexi's vocabulary and recall. Today she was throwing a small fit in the high chair saying "I wan(t) I wan(t)!" I walked over and said, "Use your words, Lexi, what do you need?" And she replied clear as day, "DIP!" with a dipping hand motion. A dollop of ranch and all was well.
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